Fri. Feb 3rd, 2023

Month: May 2021



Politicians and public policy experts love to say that we have a healthcare problem in the U.S. They cite tens of millions of uninsured people as evidence. However, the problem is not one of access or delivery. It is one of lousy insurance.

To demonstrate the point, ask yourself what it would be like if your auto insurance were structured like your health insurance. Just imagine using your car insurance policy the same way you use your health insurance benefits. It wouldn’t be long before you’d have to drop your auto insurance because you couldn’t pay the premiums.

  • Running to the Doctor

Think about what most people use health insurance for these days. They run to the doctor for every little thing. In the old days, visiting the doctor for anything other than catastrophic care (surgeries, hospitalizations, etc.) meant paying for services out-of-pocket. Back then, people didn’t run Read More

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