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Visa wrote to banks and other financial institutions on December 2, cautioning that it was aware of a “scheme”  where cashless ATMs are purposely miscoded to conceal the real nature of the payment. 

More specifically, cashless ATMs used for cannabis transactions are misrepresented as ATM cash withdrawals.  “They are called ‘cashless’ since the cardowner receives goods rather than money,” noted Akerna, a Denver-based cannabis tech business, in a press statement. 

Visa cautioned that those found out of compliance would face undefined punishments and fines. 

Though the card company did not mention the cannabis sector in its letter, industry insiders saw it as a caution that Visa is looking into the ATMs used at marijuana stores across the country.

Akerna believes that 50 percent of all marijuana outlets in the United States have cashless ATMs— that adds to thousands of merchants. 

According to MJBizFactbook, there are about 8,800 cannabis retail outlets Read More

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Politicians and public policy experts love to say that we have a healthcare problem in the U.S. They cite tens of millions of uninsured people as evidence. However, the problem is not one of access or delivery. It is one of lousy insurance.

To demonstrate the point, ask yourself what it would be like if your auto insurance were structured like your health insurance. Just imagine using your car insurance policy the same way you use your health insurance benefits. It wouldn’t be long before you’d have to drop your auto insurance because you couldn’t pay the premiums.

  • Running to the Doctor

Think about what most people use health insurance for these days. They run to the doctor for every little thing. In the old days, visiting the doctor for anything other than catastrophic care (surgeries, hospitalizations, etc.) meant paying for services out-of-pocket. Back then, people didn’t run Read More

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The world is currently battling the deadly coronavirus epidemic, and the World Health Organization (WHO) has released guidelines such as social distancing and wearing a face mask to prevent and curtail the spread of the virus. As most countries begin to slowly relax their coronavirus lockdown restrictions, the need to travel from one point to another is undeniable. One of the primary ways the virus spreads is through close contact, and in a bid to prevent a second wave of the deadly virus, one must stick with all the prescribed health regulations such as social distancing and wearing of face mask. The presence of surgical masks used by health professionals has spiked due to increasing demand in the market. Since the start of the pandemic, the number of companies now directly involved in the production of nose and face mask has gone off the charts. The financial products and Read More

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The plan to temporarily place an observation wheel in Balboa Park’s Plaza de Panama has received the support of the city’s official park advisory group.

© (Courtesy, City of San Diego)
A conceptual rendering of the proposed observation wheel shows the 148-foot attraction in Balboa Park’s central Plaza de Panama. The for-charge ride promises unrivaled views of the city and is intended to reinvigorate the park. (Courtesy, City of San Diego)

Thursday evening, the Balboa Park Committee voted 7-1 in favor of the short-term attraction, or what’s being called the Balboa Park Star, with one member abstaining. That means proponents — David and Leslie Cohn of the Cohn Restaurant Group and operator Sky Views of America — will aim to erect the part-time installation in the spring, following completion of additional steps and easing of state restrictions.

The vote marks an important first step in getting the controversial park ride

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(Tien Tzuo CEO Zuora speaks at Subscribed 2019 – image via Zuora)

Lower third quarter losses and higher revenues brought some year-end cheer to Zuora as CEO Tien Tzuo argues that the shift to subscription models renders traditional notions of front and back office as “a little bit dated”:

That division made a lot of sense when you were shipping product. The front office sold the product; the back office fulfilled it, accounted for it, collected for it. It’s a very product-centric view of the world.

If you look at the companies that [have] always been subscription businesses – for example, the telecom companies – they don’t look at it like that. They start with the customer and they build great subscriber experiences for those customers. And those subscribers experiences have to span the front office and they have to span the back office, whether it’s calling the call center

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Dec 03, 2020 (AB Digital via COMTEX) —
Market Overview

The convenience offered to Restaurants and foodservice by frozen meat products is estimated to enhance the frozen meat market share.  The food, beverages & nutrition industry reports are formed by Market Research Future, emphasizing market opportunities for growth. A potential income level is estimated to be bolstered to USD 86.58 billion while growing at a CAGR of 4.36% in the forecast period.

The fast-paced lifestyle is estimated to spur the need for household consumption requirements, which will benefit frozen meat manufacturing in the forecast period. Furthermore, the restructuring of the supply chain and the emergence of new processing methods are estimated to amplify the frozen meat market trends in the approaching period.

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Competitive Analysis

The sentiment of

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Stacy Brooks, National Practice Management Consultant at Financial Horizons Group.

Let’s jump right in today and talk about Business Planning.

Specifically, we’re going to go over the importance of creating and documenting a vision statement and defining your customer experience.

As a financial advisor, you’re pulled in two directions—looking after your business, as the owner of the business, and looking after your clients’ needs.

This can be a constant struggle to balance your time “on” the business and “in” the business.

Investing time on a documented business plan can actually save you time in the long run—allowing you to keep your focus on your clients.

You and your team get a clear vision of where you want to go—helping with making decisions along the way.

You can define your experience, which helps you to increase your positive reputation.

This may seem like it could be a lot of work, but

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HOUSTON, Dec. 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Today Western Midstream Partners, LP (NYSE: WES) announced that Michael Ure, President, Chief Executive Officer, and Chief Financial Officer, will participate in a question and answer session at the Wells Fargo Midstream and Utilities Symposium, on Tuesday, December 8, 2020. A replay will be posted on Western Midstream’s website at when available after the event. On December 9, 2020, Michael Ure will take part in one-on-one sessions at the Capital One Securities 15th Annual Energy Conference.

Western Midstream Partners, LP (“WES”) is a Delaware master limited partnership formed to acquire, own, develop, and operate midstream assets. With midstream assets located in the Rocky Mountains, North-central Pennsylvania, Texas, and New Mexico, WES is engaged in the business of gathering, compressing, treating, processing, and transporting natural gas; gathering, stabilizing, and transporting condensate, natural-gas liquids, and

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The first question came from Kathleen Ronayne of the Associated Press, who asked the governor, “You and the state and the counties have been tightening restrictions for weeks now, yet cases are continuing to go up, so how do you ensure that putting in place this order and shutting down more businesses doesn’t just encourage more gatherings inside homes? What evidence do you have that shutting down things like barbershops is actually going to achieve what you want?”

“The evidence you ask? Very significant evidence, overwhelming evidence,” Newsom replied. “And that’s what we did by leading the nation as the first state with a stay-at-home order and we avoided the surge that many other states experienced, particularly larger states in that first wave. So we were able to bend the curve by using the same strategies, the same approaches of non-pharmaceutical interventions. So that’s the evidence, and it was overwhelming.”

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China is accusing critics in the U.S. government of “an escalation of political suppression” against Beijing following new visa restrictions on members of China’s ruling Communist Party and their immediate family members

BEIJING — China has accused critics in the U.S. government of “an escalation of political suppression” against Beijing following new visa restrictions on members of China’s ruling Communist Party and their immediate family members.

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said Thursday that China would “make representations” to the U.S. over its decision to limit such people to one-month, single-entry visas.

Hua called Washington’s approach “totally inconsistent with the U.S.’s own interests,” and said it would damage America’s global image.

“I think it is obvious to all that this is an escalation of political suppression by some

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