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Beyond Meat (BYND) reported third quarter results on Monday evening. To put it as politely as possible, the performance was truly awful. The firm had a lousy quarter. By the numbers, Beyond Meat posted adjusted EPS of $-0.28, badly missing expectations of positive $0.05. Revenue generation did grow 2.7% to $94.44 million, but investors must understand that this is an exceptionally nasty miss versus industry projections up in the low $130 million’s. Year over year sales growth has gone over the past four quarters from 213% to 141% to 69% to this 2.7%. The pandemic has ground sales growth to something very close to a halt. Positive news of a potential vaccine should have supported the stock, but there is much more to this story.

Looking past headline performance, we see gross margin that dropped from 34.2% to 27%, we see adjusted EBITDA margin that plummeted from +9.7% to -4.5%,

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11/10/2020, Dallas // KISSPR //

All businesses have now fully grasped the importance of content creation, and are putting their time and effort into content marketing. With worldwide shelter-in-place orders and quarantines in effect because of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are turning to the internet and social media to fill their time, provide information, and distract them from the situation. But there’s a difference between making content and making engaging content. People are interested in reading content they find interactive, entertaining, and compelling now more than ever. It’s the perfect time to refine your content creation strategy, especially if you, like most businesses, are losing out on regular businesses because of the coronavirus.

Humans are hardwired to respond to the narrative. Storytelling is one of the most effective content marketing strategies, but only when used in the right way. The best way to capture the attention of your target audience

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The first year of a business is difficult for young entrepreneurs. Your business model is untested, your funding is finite, and your success is uncertain. Life and Business Coach Marc Galal has been where you are. Marc Galal is a life and business coach and was Focus Magazine’s 2016 Best Trainer in Personal Development. Now, after 21 years as a self-employed mentor, sales trainer, and coach, he makes a living helping freshly baked entrepreneurs develop their businesses. In this exclusive interview, Galal offers his best insights and tips for entrepreneurs trying to make it in the industry.

Marc, your core product “neuro-linguistic selling” derives from something called “neurolinguistic programming.” What is that, and how is it used in business?

Neurolinguistic programming actually is a system that’s widely applied in personal coaching. It was created by two students in the 1970s and 1980s. Today it forms a valuable basis for many

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Casey Eden is the co-founder of Orchestra - a centralised company and stakeholder management hub.


Casey Eden is the co-founder of Orchestra – a centralised company and stakeholder management hub.

OPINION: There is an old saying in startup land: ‘Ideas are worthless; execution is everything’.

Clearly some business ideas are better than others, but at a crude level this statement is undeniably true when applied to the process of making a decision about whether your idea is worthy of pursuing as a business.

The reason ‘execution is everything’ is this: It simply doesn’t really matter what your idea looks like on paper – or what feedback you receive on your hypothetical plan.

What will define your success is whether you can get your product to market in a fashion that allows real customers to make a judgement on whether it solves a problem in their lives.

* Fiordland businesses say they need more help to boost the economy
* Election 2020: Jacinda

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It’s safe to say that crowdfunding is currently enjoying a renaissance. Between the pandemic’s impact on industries like retail, travel and hospitality, as well as the downturn in the VC funding landscape, creators are turning to crowdfunding to bring their projects to life. 

Enter: Alex Daly.

Alex Daly is known as the industry’s “Crowdsourceress” and the founder of Daly, a modern marketing and communications consultancy.

Daly started her career in journalism, but her trajectory has been anything but predictable. After working at New York and WSJ magazines, she transitioned into documentary filmmaking, which led to her launching her skills in the crowdfunding space in 2012.

This is where Daly found her first calling, as she launched groundbreaking campaigns for Oscar-winning filmmakers, MIT Media Lab inventors, Pentagram partners, Neil Young, Joan Didion (!!!),

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Founder of Keir Weimer Multimedia, real estate & lifestyle entrepreneur, No. 1 bestselling author, keynote speaker & high-performance coach.

You might have heard a phrase, often attributed to motivational speaker Les Brown, that starts with, “The graveyard is the richest place on earth, because it is here that you will find all the hopes and dreams that were never fulfilled.” I believe this is, unfortunately, true, but ideas are only one part of the equation.

Coming up with good ideas is more of an art. Executing them is more of a science. In order to manifest your ideas and projects and make them a reality, I’ve found the following three elements to be highly effective, both in my own personal and professional life and in the lives of those I’ve worked with and coached:

Develop a strong vision and mindset.

I strongly believe that in order to manifest

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Whether it be an inkling for a side hustle or a wildly audacious startup, it’s normal to want validation and encouragement around your latest business idea. But according to Spanx founder Sara Blakely, there’s one group of people from whom you shouldn’t be soliciting feedback at all as you kickstart your entrepreneurial journey. 

Sara Blakely sitting on a stage in front of a curtain

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Blakely’s meteoric rise to self-made billionaire CEO has come from her founding and leadership of Spanx, a textbook tale of B.Y.O.B. (That’s “bootstrapping your own business,” obviously). Armed with $5,000 in savings and a day job selling fax machines, the founder built a shapewear empire that now rakes in an estimated $400 million in annual revenue. She also retained 100 percent ownership along the way; in 2012, Forbes declared her the youngest woman to reach self-made billionaire status.


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Before Spanx was everywhere, however, it was kept secret for nearly

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