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OPINION: You need to spend money to make money. It’s an age old saying but remains true for the vast majority of new businesses.

How you fund your new business will be a major question you need to answer before, or at least in the early days, of you starting your new venture.

The easiest option to fund a start up is to self fund or ‘bootstrap’ your business.

This simply means you put up the funds required to get going and then fund the business out of revenues you make.

* Beware the fear of missing out – investing comes in many guises
* Bookkeeper of the year Haylee Wrenn shares her top tips to help your business survive
* Being rich makes you smart, at least according to NZ regulators

It’s the easiest route to market because you don’t need to involve others. Plus you maintain

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In my role as a mentor to aspiring entrepreneurs, I find that many of you have your most creative ideas for your company’s first big bang, but often get bogged down with details as the company grows.

You rely on your team for the continuing creativity required to thrive in a today’s rapidly changing business landscape. Yet building and maintaining a creative team is a tough challenge.

On your part, it takes a totally different focus and skill to foster a creative team, compared to designing and building that first innovative product or solution. But I believe the necessary skills can be learned, and it isn’t rocket science.

If you are struggling to build and maintain a creative culture in your organization, I recommend an ongoing focus on the following key strategies:

1. Keep your teams and infrastructure small. 

Small teams are inherently more agile, and tend to work in

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Communication and collaboration will be crucial in the push for a greener growth agenda. David Lee reports on The Scotsman’s Leadership for a Sustainable Future webinar

a hand holding a coin

© The webinar panel held forth on the development of a virtuous circle, whereby organisations and empl…

Leaders must be brave, communicate clearly and work effectively with others to help create a thriving future, a webinar hosted by The Scotsman in association with law firm CMS heard.

The 25th November panel discussion, Leadership for a Sustainable Future, also discussed the emerging “virtuous circle” as organisations, their clients, employees and supply chains all push each other towards a more sustainable approach.

Zoë Arden, a Fellow of the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, laid out very clearly why business leaders were grasping this agenda with increasing enthusiasm.

“We cannot live on a dying planet, let alone do business on it,” she said. “A thriving future

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Considering the current state of, well, everything, it may not feel like the most strategic time to transition from a full-time job to start your own business or pursue a side hustle (even under normal circumstances, that process can feel scary!). But whether you’ve been dreaming of doing your own thing for a while–or life changes have turned an outside possibility into a necessity–2021 can be your year to go all-in on a dream.

How do you take baby steps toward launching a new business? My Masthead Media co-founder Julie Hochheiser Ilkovich recently spoke on a virtual panel organized by the New York Women in Communications, joining other female entrepreneurs in sharing tips for navigating the process of turning a side hustle into something bigger. 

Tip 1: Don’t Wait Until You’re an “Expert”

Even if you’re entering an industry that’s a bit unfamiliar to you, sometimes it pays to

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The term “ecosystem” flies on the radar within the blockchain and business development industries nowadays. There must be a great need for a productive, digital, and self-sustaining environment with all the essential ingredients for investing, business development, and career growth. Ideaology saw the need for such a platform and developed the Active IDEA platform.

A revolutionary platform backed by blockchain technology with an entirely unique ecosystem for online professionals to invest, develop their business ideas through crowdfunding, or finding a team from a pool of online professionals within one productive platform. How is this all possible? Through IDEA token.

The IDEA token is an ERC-20 token. It serves as a utility and payment token at the same time, allowing its users to be a part of the Active IDEA community. The IDEA token is what will make the whole ecosystem within the platform run smoothly.

With the IDEA token you

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1, 2020

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Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

In this article I share a list of six innovative business models in real estate , including company examples to better explain the main ideas.

I focus on two central behaviors: renting spaces and their general use, that is, models that produce more income per square meter than traditional operations.

The content comes from my personal experiences and thoughts. I wanted to put my ideas in order in a way that I hope will also be useful for entrepreneurs, investors and people in the industry .

The funniest part comes when crossing business models and sectors, which shows great opportunities in the market.

Here are the six models ordered from most open to most niche or upright.


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Republic Services Dividend Stock Analysis

Image source

Republic Services (RSG) is one of the largest players in the waste collection and landfill space. The sector is far from being “sexy” like cutting edge technology or software; however, as long as we still create trash, we’ll need someone to pick it up and haul it away.

Republic Services does over 5M average pickups per day across 41 states and Puerto Rico. Aside from the collection and hauling, Republic Services also owns 189 landfills, with 75 landfills outfitted with energy production processes. Republic Services also makes money from the recycling centers as well.

Dividend History

The investment strategy that most appealed to me when I first began investing was the dividend growth strategy. In a nutshell, you’re looking for quality businesses with a history of paying and growing dividends that you believe can continue to do so into the future.

Republic Services Dividend History

Image by author; data source Republic Services

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Many Americans know how important it is to support local small businesses after the prolonged economic hardship of the coronavirus pandemic. Over the past couple of weeks, I walked around my own community to find small stores where my family can do more of our holiday shopping this year. We made some great new discoveries, but I was sad to see that a number of stores had already gone out of business. That left some gaps when it came to finding certain gifts, so I began looking online for small businesses outside of our community that I can support. 

Then it occurred to me that I already know about a lot of them. For the past few years, I’ve been profiling one-person businesses in Forbes, particularly those that have gotten to one million dollars in revenue and beyond. Many of these founders have been tremendously generous is sharing their

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McKinsey had proposed that rebates be paid to pharmacy companies for every opioid overdose. John Moore/Getty Images

© John Moore/Getty Images
McKinsey had proposed that rebates be paid to pharmacy companies for every opioid overdose. John Moore/Getty Images

Stat News and the New York Times recently reported that in 2017, the consulting super-firm McKinsey & Company advised Purdue Pharma to give pharmacy companies like CVS rebates for every customer’s opioid overdose in a twisted effort to boost sales for the highly addictive and deadly drugs. These stories are just the latest unflattering revelations about the secretive firm, which has seen a run of bad press in recent years while maintaining its stature in the management-consultant sphere. I spoke with New York contributing writer Andrew Rice, who has chronicled McKinsey’s many-tentacled influence, about what the company’s ethical lapses say about its culture — and about the world in which it operates.


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Ben: You wrote a story about McKinsey’s complicated role in managing Puerto Rico’s financial

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Commercial air travel has come a long way since the “Golden Age of Travel” — an era marked by glamour, gourmet food and dapper passengers.  

While complaints about smaller seats and expensive tickets are rife today, a look into the history of commercial aviation shows that today’s customer experience may not be as bad as some believe.

While seats are undeniably smaller, aircraft safety, speed, ticket prices and inflight entertainment have improved — a fact to keep in mind while perusing photographs of commercial aircraft from the past.


The salon aboard a Pan Am Martin Clipper, circa 1936.

Picturenow | Universal Images Group | Getty Images

When it comes to legroom, the “clippers” or flying boats first produced in the late 1920s were hard to rival, both then and now.

“The whole idea behind [flying boats] was passenger comfort,” said Dan K. Bubb, a professor at the University of

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