Finding the right opportunity can be daunting, and many business owners end up trying and experimenting with many different things before they find the right fit.

But what if you have no idea where to start? That’s where Pensacola-based franchise consulting firm Just Right Franchises can help.

“I never knew being a franchise consultant existed,” Roree Lange of Just Right Franchises said. “I thought that you found a franchisor, call and find out about franchising opportunities, and that’s it. I never knew there were consultants for this.”

Just Right Franchises provide free services that help prospective business owners take that first step in finding the right franchise for them.

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“You’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself,” Lange said. “Think of me as a matchmaker. I stay with you through the courtship until you’re engaged. Most people don’t know that you can’t buy a franchise. You’re awarded a franchise. They’re checking you out just as much as you’re checking them out as they show you everything.”

Lange urges potential owners keep an open mind throughout the selection process. Of the people who have their heart set on a particular franchise, just one in 100 will end up with that exact franchise.

“I show them four to five businesses that are right for them, and I often hear them tell me, ‘Never in a million years would I expect that franchise to be on the list,’ and they get excited as they find out more.”

Pensacola-based franchise consulting firm Just Right Franchises helps prospective business owners find the right franchise for them. (Photo: Special to the News Journal)

Nearly 80% of small businesses will stay open in its first year, but by the end of the fifth, that number drops to 50%.

“This is why I do what I do,” Lange said. “The survival rate is so low for small businesses in all types because they just don’t have all the knowledge and direction to run the business. The ones that took their life savings and poured their heart and soul into the business without a budget or marketing plan was always so heartbreaking.”

If you’ve been impacted by COVID 19 and are looking to start your own business, you’re in good company. A recently released report from the International Franchise Association shows that more than 733,000 franchises employed 7.6 million Americans. That number is expected to increase by 1.5% in the coming year.

According to Lange, this isn’t surprising.

“Franchises have done fine during recessions, and they’ve done better during COVID,” Lange said. “The reason why they’re doing better is because they’re essential businesses. They never closed. But on the other side, so many businesses did close, they were alone and didn’t know what else to do. In franchising, you’re not alone. The franchisors provide reopening plans and help you pivot and move forward.”

Currently, Lange has nearly 70 clients that are looking to come to Pensacola.

“With every small business that opens, that represents 15 to 20 people getting a job,” Lange said.

If you’re interested in learning more about launching the right franchise, visit or call 850-910-3444.

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