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JOHANNESBURG – Website builder BaseKit will partner with Liquid Telecom to provide a website and e-commerce builder to customers of the African telecoms provider.

In a statement on Wednesday, Liquid Telecom said the service would be available in South Africa, Kenya and Zimbabwe.

Liquid Telecom said its aim was to help thousands of businesses establish a presence online and to furnish its business customers with a “virtual workplace with tools designed to keep their business operating from anywhere”.

The group’s chief digital officer, David Beh, said: “Our business customers are incredibly important to us and we want to make their lives as easy as possible. Trading conditions are challenging in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. We hope that by helping businesses find other ways of trading, they stand a greater chance of success.”


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LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said Thursday that her administration may extend portions of a three-week partial shutdown of schools and businesses next week because of the “sheer volume” of coronavirus cases in Michigan.

The Democratic governor said no decision had been made, but that hospitals can’t be overrun with COVID-19 patients. Although the infection curve has leveled off, it is a “dangerous moment,” she said. The state reported 175 additional deaths, including 63 in the most recent 24-hour period and 112 from a records review. That total was the fifth-most during the pandemic, Whitmer said.

“As we get a few more days of information under our belts, we’ll be in a much stronger position to really assess if there are some things that maybe are safer to do,” Whitmer said during a news conference in which she reported continued progress addressing virus-related racial disparities. “But if we

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At least 100,000 small businesses have had to close permanently in the last nine months, according to data gathered by Yelp. Millions more have dealt with temporary closures and major losses in revenue.

Now, many remaining small businesses are reliant on a strong holiday shopping season, and there’s finally some good news for these business owners and their employees.

For example, at the Boston area small business called Boing Toy Shop, owner Kim Mitchell has been working overtime for the pasting nine months. She has had drastically change her business model.

“In certain ways, I feel like although I am in the same physical footprint, I am almost running a completely different business,” said Mitchell.

Since the start of the pandemic, Mitchell has had to shift more than half of her business online and added curbside pickup to keep her toy shop out of the red.

“In certain ways, I

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A coalition of more than 55 San Jose businesses is pushing local and state policy recommendations to help the once-thriving downtown core survive the pandemic.

Lawmakers at the city’s Rules and Open Government Committee voted unanimously Wednesday to bring 15 new policy recommendations to the San Jose City Council for discussion and approval.

“As we consider solutions for economic recovery, it is vital that we leverage the expertise of our local business community and elevate their voices — these recommendations do exactly that,” said Councilmember Raul Peralez, who spearheaded the group known as the Greater Downtown San Jose Economic Recovery Task Force.

Businesses ranging from small restaurants to art organizations and tech giants such as Adobe, called for city-backed grants and tax relief programs for businesses that were forced to spend extra on safety and outdoor equipment due to COVID-19. They are also championing an ordinance at the city level

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Saturday was “Small Business Saturday,” but small businesses should always be front-of-mind these days. Now more than ever, local shops and entrepreneurs deserve our support. But that’s pretty easy when what they’re making is this cool.

Compiled by Adele Chapin, Anying Guo, Fritz Hahn, Angela Haupt, Michael O’Sullivan and Stephanie Williams.


Packages of stationery from Appointed arrive fastened with tape inscribed with the words “Beautiful Tools to Inspire Beautiful Work.” That’s graphic designer Suann Song’s mantra. After having a hard time finding “minimalist, super-functional, well-designed American-made paper products,” she decided to make them herself, launching Appointed in 2015. All the materials are purposefully selected (such as the U.S.-manufactured, water-resistant book cloth covers), and then almost everything is assembled in Appointed’s Ivy City warehouse. The signature product is Appointed’s monogrammable spiral-bound notebook ($24). But lately, Song’s having trouble keeping up with demand for planners, which went up more than fivefold

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As the U.S enters the busiest time of the year for retailers, Amazon (AMZN) is thriving, saying on Dec. 1 that 2020 “has been the largest holiday shopping season so far in the company’s history.” Walmart (WMT) is seeing big gains in its online sales as well. And Target (TGT) reported a 155% surge in online sales in the third quarter.

But for many small businesses, the story is much different.

Uncertainty among small business in November was at its highest point in four years, according to the National Federation of Small Businesses. That’s due in part to consumers’ rapid shift to online shopping.

In the annual “U.S. Retail Index Study,” IBM data shows the pandemic has accelerated the shift from brick and mortar stores to online shopping by roughly five years. And that’s leaving many small businesses that have relied principally on foot traffic behind.

“The ones who

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Lofchie added that the service is available for “any client that wants some help, whether they have a small business idea they want to launch, or whether they are currently an entrepreneur and want some help.

“We have business experts that will be available to talk with any of our clients on a confidential, one-on-one basis,” she said. “We also will be providing training and access to other content resources.”  

Most businesses have had some resiliency planning in place during the COVID-19 crisis, Lofchie said.

“I think this has lasted longer than any of us ever expected,” she said. “They [small businesses] are at the point where it is getting really hard, and there is a need for someone to come alongside them and coach them. There is also a need on the technical side, matching entrepreneurs with resources that are out there for them.”

The goal is to provide

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People usually imagine the most prominent targets of hackers and cyberthreats to be government organizations and big businesses. But while these are highly lucrative targets, they’re also exceptionally difficult ones.

In reality, most hackers are opportunists. They’re interested in valuable targets, but they also optimize their practices to attack low-hanging fruit. Small businesses represent the best of both worlds. They have access to money and data, making them potentially lucrative targets, but at the same time, they tend to have much lower defenses.

The good news is that even the most rudimentary cybersecurity strategies are enough to thwart the majority of would-be hackers. Cybercriminals who encounter significant obstacles would rather move onto an easier target than try and navigate those obstacles.

Of course, it’s not always that simple. Hackers are constantly changing their tactics and learning new techniques to take small business owners off guard. If you want to stay

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12/02/2020, Sydney // KISSPR //

Its been almost a year since Instagram opened Spark AR Studio to independent creators. Since mid-2019 the platform has been flooded with AR creative seeing developers, artists and influencers creating their personalised unique effects for Instagram Stories.

The results have been astonishing!!

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Spark AR Studio is an augmented reality platform for Mac & Windows that allows creators to design AR effects for mobile cameras. Think of it like Photoshop or Sketch, but for augmented reality.

Until 12 months ago, if you wanted to submit your own custom AR effects on Instagram Stories, you had to be accepted to the closed beta program… but now anyone can create and submit effects!

One of the biggest trends to emerge from this is branded AR effects.

You might have heard Augmented Reality heralded as the future of social media and

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It’s no secret that many Edmonton businesses are bearing the financial brunt of this pandemic, but in an effort to stay afloat more owners are taking their products online.

Ever since Joseph Hayek’s hair salon, Zou Zou Hair, opened in 2014, he has depended on the flow of students coming in from the University of Alberta but it hasn’t been the same this year.

“People aren’t walking in here as much, people are too scared to get their hair done, ” Hayek said.

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Edmonton-area restaurant struggles amid ever-changing pandemic restrictions

Amid less foot traffic, Hayak said he’s noticed more and more customers showing interest in buying hair products from his store.

“Everybody loves to buy things online, so I thought might as well start.”

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Within two months, Hayek had his online store up and running, the move has come with a significant learning curve

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