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A proliferation of MBA formats — part-time or full-time; on campus or online, or a mix of the two — led to a generation of students switching courses before the start of the academic year.

Uncertainties created by the pandemic and institutions’ ability to teach face to face — or offer meaningful online alternatives beyond Zoom — has made many prospective students rethink their choice of MBA. So what is the best course to choose in the current circumstances?

Ashkan Azar had been teaching English as a second language for nearly six years in Qatar and South Korea, as well as Toronto, where he grew up, when he decided to pursue an MBA to move into a management role in the education sector. “I needed a new challenge,” he says. “But I had no formal management training.”

Azar decided to study in Europe, because schools there offered shorter courses. He

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The Paycheck Protection Program meant to keep workers employed at small businesses during the first months of the coronavirus pandemic saved 3.3 million jobs in Florida, according to new data on borrowers and loan amounts released by the Small Business Administration.

The program, developed in part by Senate Small Business Committee chairman and Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio, was part of a massive $2 trillion relief bill that became law in March. The Paycheck Protection Program was designed as a forgivable government loan to small businesses affected by the pandemic, essentially allowing businesses who employ 500 employees or fewer to have payroll and business expenses covered by the federal government for a period of time. (The Tampa Bay Times and its related companies received an $8.5 million loan.)

The Small Business Administration released data in July that showed the program saved 3.2 million jobs in Florida. But the data released

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LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Technavio has been monitoring the online travel booking platform market and it is poised to grow by USD 204.81 billion during 2020-2024, progressing at a CAGR of almost 5% during the forecast period. The report offers an up-to-date analysis regarding the current market scenario, latest trends and drivers, and the overall market environment.

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Impact of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to transform the growth of various industries, however, the immediate impact of the outbreak is varied. While a few industries will register a drop in demand, numerous others will continue to remain unscathed and show promising growth opportunities. COVID-19 will have a low impact on the online travel booking platform market. The market growth in 2020 is likely to decrease compared to the market growth in 2019.

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  • Based on segmentation
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FRANKFURT: Pandemic payment breaks on European loans totalling billions of euros threaten to undermine efforts by the region’s banks to put the coronavirus crisis behind them.

Some of the millions of borrowers who were given repayment holidays by banks and governments across Europe shortly after the outbreak of the pandemic still need relief as a second wave of lockdowns squeezes the economy and puts people out of work.

But the longer their loan repayments are kept on ice, the bigger the potential problem for banks as debts stack up, making them more difficult to tackle.

The European Central Bank’s chief supervisor Andrea Enria has warned of a “huge wave” of unpaid loans that could top 1.4 trillion euros and has cautioned against postponing writing them off, warning that waiting for loan moratoria to expire could see many borrowers “unravel at once”.

Although the volume of loans on pause

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Businesses are raising awareness of cybersecurity threats and staying in closer touch with employees as they try to defend networks supporting larger work-from-home populations since the Covid-19 outbreak began.

Rockwell Automation
this year has seen a rise in phishing attempts, Dawn Cappelli, vice president of global security and chief information security officer, said Wednesday at the WSJ Pro Cybersecurity Executive Forum.

But technology and the awareness programs the company put in place to prevent those attacks are working. “We see our employees, for the most part, not falling for those phishes,” Ms. Cappelli said.

Constant communication with its international workforce has proven to be critical to the automation provider’s cyber protection efforts.

With the pandemic’s outbreak, she said, senior executives were really getting slammed with phishing attempts. But, she said, “every

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“While we made a new offer to Leader McConnell and Leader McCarthy on Monday, in the spirit of compromise we believe the bipartisan framework introduced by senators yesterday should be used as the basis for immediate bipartisan, bicameral negotiations,” Pelosi and Schumer said in a joint statement referring to their counterparts, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

“Of course, we and others will offer improvements, but the need to act is immediate and we believe that with good-faith negotiations we could come to an agreement,” they added. “In light of the urgency of meeting the needs of the American people and the hope

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A free resource is helping businesses recover from COVID-19 impacts, doing everything from consulting and reopening plans and more.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla — Small businesses help the economy go round, but many are struggling. Some have made comebacks with this past major shopping weekend while others are facing possible closures like the formal wear store Malcolm Royce.

”I used to work with my granddad, my gran, and my mom in a small town. We had a shop. I did that with them and then I moved to American in 2009,” Matthew Subham says.

From a family business to starting his own in America, opening Malcolm Royce was a dream. Subham started his online business in 2016 selling kids formal wear. In 2020, he thought it was the right time to take a leap and create a storefront in Jacksonville. He signed the lease in February right before the global pandemic took

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Many were forced to shut their doors during the pandemic and some turned to selling products online for the first time.

BLOUNT COUNTY, Tenn. — Data shows small businesses saw a boost in online sales this past weekend. 

Many were forced to shut their doors during the pandemic and some turned to selling products online for the first time.

A Blount County business did just that and saw an online boom over the holiday weekend. 

Joy Carver, owner of Dandy Lions Gifts in Maryville, said getting into the online market was never the initial plan. 

“I think people have loved us through the years because we know them by name and they like the personal aspect of it,” she said.

But shutting down earlier this year made her consider otherwise. 

“As everyone learned, early March or April it was sink or swim. Some of those hard held long beliefs I

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As the coronavirus outbreak continues to surge, more small businesses are forced to shutter both temporarily and permanently.

Massachusetts has been no stranger to the pandemic’s devastation. New research reveals that as of Nov. 16, the number of small businesses open in Mass. decreased by 37% compared to January of 2020.

Small business revenue in Massachusetts has dropped 44% compared to the start of last year as well, according to the Economic Tracker tool from Opportunity Insights, a non-partisan, not-for-profit organization at Harvard University that aims to use insightful scientific research to impact policy change.

According to Opportunity Insights, “the tracker is built using anonymized data from several private companies, such as credit card processors and payroll firms. From this data, we construct statistics on consumer spending, employment rates, and other indicators by county, industry, and (pre-crisis) income level. These new statistics allow us to study how COVID-19 has affected

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Online shopping has seen a significant boost in sales amid the COVID-19 pandemic, as 44 percent more people made purchases online between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday this year, according to the National Retail Federation (NRF) and Prosper Insights & Analytics.

The survey collected information from 6,615 adults and found that an estimated 186.4 million shoppers bought holiday gifts, food or decorations during the five-day shopping period.

The coronavirus pandemic paved the way for record breaking online-only sales, with a total of 95.7 million shoppers making purchases online. During Small Business Saturday, online shoppers rose 17 percent, for a total of 68 million.

On Thanksgiving Day, the number of in-person shoppers dropped by 55 percent compared to last year, while those on Black Friday dropped by 37 percent, the survey found.

According to the NRF Chief Executive and President Matt Shay, 57 percent of holiday shoppers said they planned to purchase

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