Tue. Oct 26th, 2021


Tony Hsieh:

After graduating from college in ’95, I went to work for Oracle in the Bay Area.

My college roommate, we decided to start our own business. And at the time, the Internet was just getting started. We started a Web design and marketing business. During lunch hours, I would go and make sales calls.

In the evenings at home, we would create Web sites. And then we realized that all these Web sites we were creating, they didn’t really have a way market themselves. And so that’s what led us to start a service called LinkExchange. We started hiring friends.

And that whole strategy of hiring friends and friends of friends worked really well until we got to about 20 people. And then we basically ran out of friends. We had to start hiring people through resumes and interviewing. And we also didn’t know any better to pay

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