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Day: December 1, 2020

Hundreds of charities participate in fundraisers each year but not every dollar donated goes back to the charity.

The North Carolina Secretary of State’s Office annual report found 80% of the $44 million raised in North Carolina went directly towards charities’ programs from July 2019 to July 2020.

The other 20% of the money went towards administrative costs and the professional fundraising organizations.
“Our real objective in publishing this report is giving the public information they need to be informed contributors. There are some charities that spend an awful lot in overhead and very little on the particular mission and there are others that are very efficient with their donations and a great majority of their funding goes to the actual charitable mission,” said North Carolina Secretary of State Elaine Marshall.

Be sure you know this new money-saving tax provision before you donate on Giving Tuesday

While a higher portion

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — A leading Ohio business group on Tuesday asked employees to model best practices for reducing the spread of the coronavirus as it warned of the impact the current spike in cases could have on the economy.

The Ohio Business Roundtable, a nonprofit organization of big economy chief executive officers, wants workers to encourage mask wearing at any gathering outside immediate family, avoid large gatherings such as game day celebrations, and reconsider indoor holiday parties.

“This is not a choice between our health and a strong economy; the two are strongly connected,” said Pat Tiberi, the roundtable’s president and CEO and a former longtime Republican congressman. The group dubbed the effort the Coalition to Stop the Spread.

The announcement came as Ohio’s economy continues to show signs of weakness. Last week, the state said 30,177 Ohioans filed initial claims for unemployment compensation, a 21% jump from the

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MINNEAPOLIS, Dec. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Thrivent Advisor Network, the platform for independent purpose-driven advisors looking to deliver financial advice as part of a community with shared values, has hired RIA industry veteran Gary Foster as Senior Business Development Officer. With over 20 years of experience, Foster joins Thrivent Advisor Network from LPL Financial.

For the last 15 years of his two decade financial services career, Foster has served in various business development roles, most recently as Regional Director, Vice President of Business Development at LPL Financial. Prior to this, Foster worked in business development for Motif Capital, Pershing Advisor Solutions and Raymond James Financial Services, where he started his career. Foster brings extensive experience to his role at Thrivent Advisor Network, having worked directly with financial advisors in a variety of capacities, including advising those leaving wirehouses in search of options that support more advisor independence. He holds

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Metro is facing nearly a $500 million budget gap and the damage could last awhile with the potential for long-term ridership losses because of the pandemic.


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Facing the grimmest budget projections in its 50-year history, Metro is proposing the complete elimination of weekend service.

It is one of a series of staggering cuts the transit agency may need to make in the next fiscal year, which begins in July 2021, to close a nearly $500 million deficit.

What remains would be a “bare-bones service network to sustain essential travel,” according to a presentation that WMATA’s board will hear Friday.

The plan also calls for trains to run every 30 minutes, shuttering 19 stations, further slashing bus service to a fraction of pre-pandemic levels and closing the system at 9 p.m.

If the proposal is enacted, the transit agency would eliminate 2,400 jobs. That would

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Adds comments by Salameh, financial details

BEIRUT, Dec 1 (Reuters)Lebanon’s central bank can only keep basic subsidies for two more months and the state should come up with a plan, Governor Riad Salameh said on Tuesday as the country’s financial crisis spirals.

He told Saudi’s al-Hadath TV the central bank would commit to providing Lebanese government accounts for a forensic audit, but that disclosing accounts of domestic banks would require a change in legislation.

Lebanon’s unprecedented meltdown has crashed the currency, paralyzed banks and sent inflation soaring.

As dollar inflows dried up, the central bank has used dwindling reserves to provide foreign currency for key imports – fuel, wheat and medicine – and some basic goods.

Suggestions of a looming end to subsidies have triggered panic buying and fears of rising hunger in a country where the crisis has made over half the population poor.

“We have

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Emerging technologies have made it easier than ever before for businesses to connect with customers, boost productivity and free up team members to focus on big-picture, creative tasks. From project management tools and comprehensive customer relationship management software to AI-powered chatbots and data-driven marketing, technology is boosting both productivity and the bottom line across industries. 

The sales department may not be the first place many would think of adding automation. After all, to be successful when it comes to sales, businesses must be able to build trust and strong relationships with current and potential customers – a distinctly “human” accomplishment. Still, technology can provide valuable support to a sales team as well. For example, business intelligence and data analytics can help a company develop a portrait of their audience for more successful targeting and marketing. Of particular value, though, is the variety of sales automation tools on the market. 


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A federal judge has ruled that a controversial work-permit program for foreign students will survive a challenge from a union representing U.S. technology workers that wanted it killed.

A who’s who of Bay Area tech giants including Google, Apple, Facebook, Uber, Tesla, HP, Oracle and Salesforce had joined the fight, seeking to protect the Optional Practical Training program — which is often used as a path to an H-1B visa. In a court filing last year, they argued that the program, which gives foreign students and graduates up to three years to live and work in the U.S., expands job opportunities for American workers by spurring economic activity.

The Washington Alliance of Technology Workers sued the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in 2014. It claimed the agency used the OPT program to get around the numerical cap on H-1B visas, which are intended for jobs requiring specialized skills, and that

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Fast food restaurant chain Wendy’s Company on Tuesday said it has inked a new strategic partnership with Rebel Foods, while expanding its partnership with its existing master franchise Sierra Nevada Restaurants. This is being done to aggressively scale up the brand’s footprint both online and offline in the country.

Under the new partnership, Rebel Foods in collaboration with Sierra Nevada Restaurants will develop and operate about 250 Wendy’s cloud kitchens across India. At the same time, Sierra Nevada will develop and operate 150 traditional Wendy’s restaurants, the statement added.

Rebel Foods is the leading operator of online restaurants with over 300 cloud kitchens across India, UAE, South East Asia and the United Kingdom. Meanwhile, Sierra Nevada Restaurants launched Wendy’s in India in 2015 and operates four traditional restaurants and currently operates five cloud kitchens in Delhi-NCR region.

Abigail Pringle, President, International & Chief Development Officer of The Wendy’s Company, said:

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Mastercard’s Priceless campaign is one of the most iconic branding initiatives of the 20th century.

Launched in 1997, the campaign has evolved from Mastercard observing priceless experiences to creating those experiences, to now inspiring them, said Mastercard’s EVP of marketing and communications in North America, Cheryl Guerin.

“When we launched, there was a real shift from materialism to the intangibles being a sign of success,” she said. “We hit on a territory that has continued to grow. Balancing work and life, giving to the community and spending more time with family have become so important.”

For Mastercard, living out the Priceless mantra has meant going all-in on experiential marketing over the years. The brand is a major sponsor of live events, from sporting games to concerts, and even launched its own pop-up restaurant in Manhattan last year.

When COVID-19 hit and communal experiences went out the door, Mastercard pivoted Priceless

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