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Innovation is the key to a successful and progressive business, and your staff should constantly be looking for ways to grow your brand. As a leader, it’s your responsibility to help keep your workers engaged and motivated to create the next best thing for the company.

To help you inspire and encourage your staff, we asked the experts of Young Entrepreneur Council about ways to spark deeper thinking. Here are 10 important questions leaders should ask their employees to generate ideas and solutions to their toughest problems.

1. What could we try that may not work?

People are often afraid to share ideas because they may fail or be impossible to implement. By removing the criteria that it has to be a readily viable idea, we

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Massachusetts lawmakers just can’t help themselves.

a sign on the side of a building: BOSTON, MA: November 10, 2020: The Massachusetts State House in Boston, Massachusetts. (Staff photo by Nicolaus Czarnecki/MediaNews Group/Boston Herald)

© Provided by Boston Herald
BOSTON, MA: November 10, 2020: The Massachusetts State House in Boston, Massachusetts. (Staff photo by Nicolaus Czarnecki/MediaNews Group/Boston Herald)

After House leaders hashed out their $46 billion budget for the state, they asked fellow legislators to hold back on policy amendments.

It fell on deaf ears — and some 777 amendments were filed.

Two that stand out include one from state Rep. Mike Connolly, D-Cambridge, which would raise the tax rate on unearned income — long-term capital gains, dividends and interest — from 5% to 9% for the wealthiest tax brackets.

The offering from state Rep. Lindsay Sabadosa, D-Northampton, would hike the corporate tax rate.

As the Herald reported, Connolly laid out his reasoning: “We have a real responsibility to ask the very large corporations that are doing so well in our state as well as the wealthiest

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Online Business Ideas 2020 Philippines | Moneymax
Online Business Ideas 2020 Philippines | Moneymax

Running an online business and being your own boss definitely has its appeal. In fact, it’s so enticing that the number of registered online businesses in the country is now 40 times more in the past five months[1]. Definitely, the internet is a great medium to connect with customers without leaving home. However, starting an online business also has its challenges—the biggest one is coming up with enough money for capital. But don’t worry because there are many online business ideas you can start for as low as PHP 2,000.

Want to take the leap? Keep on reading to learn more about online business ideas in the Philippines you can start in 2020.

Online Business Ideas 2020

1. Make Artisanal Candles

online business ideas 2020 - candle businessonline business ideas 2020 - candle business
online business ideas 2020 – candle business

Aromatherapy candles can help people relax after a tiring day. They are perfect

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This is the third in a series of columns that provide several helpful business topics for the new small business. It is based on one of SCORE’s recent projects and developed with the help of and in partnership with FedEx.

Don’t skip this step

You owe it yourself to take this step seriously. If you already have skills and experience in the industry you’re planning to enter, you may think this step is unnecessary. However, being an employee in an industry or excelling at a hobby is very different from starting a business in that industry or turning that hobby into a business.

Simply put, you will need to test the feasibility of your business idea by researching industry data, customer data, financial projections, possible funding sources and other information. Having done this, you will have a sample feasibility plan to use as a guide and get an overview of

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In mid-April (following the first COVID-19 shockwaves) the pandemic spiked unemployment to roughly 14%. It seemed like every job out there was on the chopping block.

Just like so many business owners out there, I felt the heat from the downturned economy. PostcardMania’s weekly earnings were down 41%, and we were frantically searching for a way to get back to our break-even and recoup our losses. With 282 salaries making up the bulk of our weekly expenses, scaling back on payroll costs could be seen as a viable option.

The thing is, those 282 salaries are attached to 282 huge investments – my dear and beloved staff, whom I’ve devoted a lot of time and effort into finding and training. I see my employees as people, not assets, so I also couldn’t help but think about the families they feed with those paychecks. My gut was telling me that furloughing

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The 2020 Rocket Pitch competition will be held on Wednesday, November 18th and the Bermuda Economic Development Corporation are accepting submissions until November 2nd.

A spokesperson said, “What does a budding entrepreneur do when they have a great idea but no capital to get their idea started? They enter the BEDC Rocket Pitch Competition! The 2020 Rocket Pitch competition will be held on Wednesday, November 18th and the Bermuda Economic Development Corporation are now accepting submissions until November 2nd.

“Over the past twelve years, the Rocket Pitch Competition has helped entrepreneurs to launch or expand over thirty businesses. Last year, the competition was sponsored by, the BEDC, the Bermuda Tourism Authority and the Department of ICT Policy & Innovation and the Ministry of Labour, Community Affairs & Sports who together provided funding for entrepreneurs in five business categories:

  • Pitch Town – businesses ideas that contribute to Bermuda’s local economy;
  • Pitch
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Every solopreneur wants their business ideas to generate financial success. But as the old saying goes, you have to spend money to make money. This is especially true with startups.

Of course, we’ve all heard those scary stats about the majority of new businesses failing in their first few years. So wouldn’t it be nice to eliminate some of that risk and uncertainty by knowing — right from the start — that your latest business idea is most likely going to be a success?

Well, there’s no secret formula for figuring this out. By taking a step back to think critically about your latest and greatest business idea, you can quickly figure out if it truly has the potential you think it does.

Your Idea Solves A Pressing (And Prevalent) Problem

The best business ideas are always those that solve real problems that don’t have a readily- available

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For any startup, it’s incredibly important to be at the forefront of the right niche market. As an example, the first cookie dough cafe was opened in New York City in 2017, but now there are hundreds scattered across the city. The public loved the idea so much that numerous cafes now regularly see lines down the block in order to get in.

Unique ideas are sure to get new businesses straight to the top as there will be fewer competition, and owners can make sure that their business remains on everyone’s minds.

To help you get an idea of unique business ideas in 2020, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most unique small business ideas and categorized them into seven groups. These ideas have been ranked according to their startup costs, what level of skill the owner will need to have, and the earning potential.

Speciality Food

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If you’ve ever wanted to tell the couple sitting next to you at a restaurant to get a room, well, now you can — at Uni, anyway. The Asian restaurant inside the Back Bay’s Eliot Hotel has devised an innovative way to help guests socially distance: They’re taking over six of the hotel’s rooms and making them part of their restaurant.

Chef Tony Messina, who won the James Beard Award for Best Chef: Northeast last year, worried about his restaurant’s fortunes heading into the winter. He wanted to avoid going into hibernation, which would force him to furlough staff.

“It’s something that we’re at all costs trying to avoid,” he says. “It really isn’t an option for us. We don’t want to have people out of work. We don’t want to have people having to fight for insurance. If we can keep them alive and keep them gainfully employed and

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Do you remember the movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray? If you have seen the movie, then you likely remember “Needle-Nose Ned.” Ned was the high school friend who sells life insurance. Ned was the stereotypical insurance agent touting, “Do you have life insurance? Cause even if you do, you can always use more!” Ned was so funny and became a memorable piece of that classic movie because he so accurately depicted the stereotypical life insurance salesman of the times. While we all love Ned, the good news is times have changed, and while there are still some “Neds” running around, the business and people have evolved. Why the change? Our belief, like most things, is consumer-driven. People demand a better experience centered around transparency, simplicity, and most importantly, service. Let’s discuss some of these ideas.

Service Beyond the Sale

Let’s face it; the service model for life insurance

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