Tue. Oct 26th, 2021


đź’ˇ Let mental health experts answer 911 calls

Appropriately triaged calls involving mental health crises coming into an emergency dispatch center can assure “the right work in the right hands” and help 911 center call takers, police officers and mental health personnel work together to provide persons in crisis with the best possible care.

— Chris Magnus, chief of police in Tucson, Ariz.

đź’ˇ Listen to the people you disagree with the most

Here is my proposed solution, to be applied one conversation at a time: When confronted with a different view, try to find something you can agree on. You don’t have to change your views. Just be open to the fact that others have theirs, too. It may sound counterintuitive. But it’s the only place to start.

— Heidi Larson, professor of anthropology at the University of London and University of Washington and author of “Stuck: How Vaccine

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There are two recent reminders of how quickly things can turn bad in football. The first is the Houston Texans, a franchise that won one playoff game and led the eventual Super Bowl champions by three touchdowns in another in this calendar year but is now a football wasteland. The other is Justin Herbert’s haircut. Let’s stick with the first one.

Broadly speaking, the Texans have been a successful franchise. They have made the playoffs six times since the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ last playoff appearance. Those six appearances all came in the last decade. There are a handful of teams—the Bears, Raiders, Browns, and Football Team among them—who haven’t had six playoff appearances in the last 25 years. The Texans found a franchise quarterback—a quest that has doomed countless teams—and even locked him in with a long-term contract extension. They have drafted and developed some of the best players in

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Research shows that pay inequity may cost Black and Latina women up to $1M over the course of their careers.

How would you feel if your company shorted you $1M throughout your career? That’s the reality faced by Black and Latina women who, due to the rampant pay inequity women and people of color face, come up seven figures short — or more— during a typical 40-year career. 

To combat that compounding income gap, companies should embark on small and systemic changes, research cited in the Harvard Business Review says. All firms, especially larger companies, should take a companywide look at salary disparities through a pay equity audit, or PEA. Many companies say they’re focused on equity, but this process demonstrates real commitment. 

While doing so typically requires a heavy lift by the HR team (for small firms under 50) or hiring an outside consulting firm (for companies with hundreds

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