Mon. Nov 29th, 2021


Credit card providers are drawing the shades on consumer payment holidays. What’s next for struggling cardholders? (iStock)

The U.S. credit card payment holiday ended on October 31, 2020, and for millions of credit card consumers struggling to keep up with payments due to the pandemic-fueled lockdowns, the post-holiday outlook isn’t exactly crystal clear.

“Credit card payment holidays were extended to cardholders experiencing financial hardship as a result of the coronavirus outbreak,” said Andrea Woroch, a family finance expert at “They waived payment requirements and canceled late payments during this time so you weren’t on the hook for your minimum due.”

Credit scores were protected, too, during the card payment holiday.

“The other plus was that non-payments or late payments didn’t end up on your credit file. However, with the credit card file about to expire, any non-payment will now be reported to the credit bureaus and that

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Nov. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — As ecommerce continues to fuel retail sales, more people than ever are expected to stay digital and shop online through the holidays. To help deliver even more convenience, leading same-day delivery marketplace Shipt is launching a new holiday promotion with Mastercard that helps consumers save on at-home delivery during a busy digital shopping season. Beginning now through December 15, anyone who pays for a pack of Shipt Passes with their Mastercard will receive an extra pass for free*.

Earlier this year, Shipt began offering customers the ability to pay per order by purchasing Shipt Passes, allowing more flexibility than the annual membership plan and the opportunity to save up to 20 percent when purchasing multiple passes in a pack. During this limited time, customers who purchase a pack of three or five Shipt Passes using their Mastercard will also get an extra

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